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RTC Rules

2020 RTC Rule Revision


The following changes will be applied to the 2020 RTC Season. If you have any comments or feedback please email Clint Sharp This series is not a dictatorship and the feedback from the members is appreciated. Keep in mind that all changes below are derived from issues and/or feedback from current participants. 1. The Tactical Division will be amended to allow: a. .308- Any bullet from 170-180 grains is allowed with the velocity being increased to 2850 max. b. .223- Any bullet from 70-80 grains is allowed with the max velocity increased to 2950 fps. The justification for this changes is to promote more participation in the Tactical Division. 2. One day matches may be added to the calendar and will be worth 50% of the point value (maximum point value for the winner is 50 points). 3. Rules may be modified or revised up until the 1st match of the season. Each match will continue to contribute 3% of Gross RTC registered teams at each event, with all proceeds used to payout series winners.

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